Trustedoctor launches platform to connect brain tumour patients to world-leading cancer specialists

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As a business, Goadi loves working with companies using technology to make the world better. This week, we are launching Trustedoctor – a platform that connects UK brain tumour patients with the world’s leading specialists for a second opinion or advice on further treatment.

The platform is a social revenue model with a percentage of topline revenue going directly into a social fund to benefit patients in need. The response from the global cancer community has been overwhelming and Trustedoctor is partnering with more than a dozen global cancer charities and patient organisations such as the Brain Tumour Charity and Brainstrust in the UK. Many doctors are choosing to offer consultations for free or are donating their fees to further cancer research.

Trustedoctor is also working on a pilot with an NHS Trust to use the technology to manage post-operative follow-ups to reduce the cases of readmission or wound infection which is attracting interest from hospitals around the world.

Like many great businesses, it starts with a personal story. Trustedoctor stems from the experience of co-founder, Greg Jarzabek when his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 55 in his native Poland. At the time, Greg was based in the City in London and his journey to find the right care for his mother took him literally around the world. Frustrated by the barriers of time, cost, distance and a fragmented cancer information framework he was determined to build something better.

Trustedoctor is the result.

Arming patients and their families with the right information and empowering them in their treatment is core to the platform. We launched today with coverage in the health media with multiple broadcast interviews scheduled this week as well as business and technology press.

We look forward to supporting the Trustedoctor journey as they continue on their mission to be in 20 cancers within the next 2 years.