Marketing Week – 100 Disruptive Brands: A hat-trick of Goadi clients

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With the unveiling of this year’s Marketing Week’s “100 Disruptive Brands” list, Goadi Consulting can claim a hat-trick of current and former clients who have been heralded as changing the face of the industries they are in.

Newest client, hellocar is in this year’s cohort as well as former client, Codec, joining 2016 nominee, in the Marketing Week hall of fame. Hellocar brings a fully online service to the £45bn a year UK used car market, Codec allows clients to know what content their audience will respond to before investing creative budgets and gives people greater control over their personal data.

Flattering as it is to be nominated, all three clients would probably agree that their model is designed to be anything but disruptive. Whether that’s making the process of buying a car online easier, cheaper and more transparent, helping marketers make better, more meaningful content or giving people back ownership, value and control of their personal data.

Arguably, there should be a new list of the 100 Non-Disruptive Brands introduced next year!