60 second interview – and the work-life blend

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Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gorkana PR. You can read the interview in full here

I’m often asked about why I decided to set up Goadi and how I balance work and home. I think the secret is to forget about balance and start looking at a blend. There’s no magic formula to getting it right other than learning what works for you and feels right but you don’t shut the door on being a parent when you are at work and sometimes work needs to be part of home life too. Professional childcare is a fantastic, if expensive, way to ensure you have time and headspace to work but equally I’ve taken Max to client meetings, networking events, coaching sessions and even new business meetings when I need to.

Clearly, you need to be conscious of your audience and if it’s appropriate to do so but often showing the personal side, as well as your professional face can be just as productive to working relationships.